Enabling a market for digital art.

Because some art belongs in chains.


What is monegraph?


monegraph helps anyone verify that a digital artwork is an original, exactly as created by the artist.


monegraph encourages a vibrant market around the sale and exchange of digital art.


monegraph uses the same technology as Bitcoin to let anyone participate in the digital art market.


Frequently Asked Questions

What the hell is this?
Monetized Graphics (or monegraph for short) is a way to verify that certain digital images are unique, and that they are owned by the person who says they own them. monegraph allows artists and collectors of digital art to create and share valuable work without worrying about it being devalued when the image is copied.

How does it work? Can it be hacked?
monegraph is built around block chains, the same technology that enables a reliable public ledger for transactions in Bitcoin.
Instead of being used to verify a currency, monegraph is designed to help people verify that a digital image is subject to a claim of ownership.

How much does it cost?
Using monegraph is free, and anyone can implement their own version of it since it's not patented.
Because the current version of monegraph is built on top of NameCoin, you must spend a NameCoin each time you create or transfer an artwork. As of May 2014, that works out to about four cents per title claim.

What happens if someone copies an image?
Only one copy of a digital image can ever have a valid monegraph signature. monegraph images are just ordinary image files, so they can be duplicated and distributed like any other images, but only the original file will pass validation against the monegraph system.

What do I need to add a monegraph title to an image?
Right now, you'll need a Twitter account and a NameCoin client. Fortunately, both of these are free. You'll also want to buy (or have someone send you) a few NameCoins.

Doesn't this still rely on DNS? How is that new?
To get started as easily as possible, we're making monegraph titles rely on URLs for both the image and the assertion of ownership. (Which takes place in the form of a tweet right now.) Those are theoretical points of weakness if someone takes over ownership of a URL like twitter.com, but for now we're not worried about it.

Getting Started

1. Get Namecoin
You'll need a Namecoin client application (download one for free) and a Namecoin address, which you can create with the Namecoin application. Once you've done that, you'll need to buy some Namecoins, which you can do using standard currencies.

2. Make your claim
This step is what monegraph.com was built for. You'll need to have your digital artwork available at a publicly-accessible web address. Put this URL in monegraph.com after signing in with Twitter, and the site will automatically tweet a link to that image in the correct format.

3. Record your title
Once monegraph.com has tweeted out a link to your image, it will give you a block of code to copy and paste into your Namecoin client. You'll want to make a new transaction and then add the block of code as the key and value in your Namecoin transaction.

About Us

Kevin McCoy and Anil Dash created Monetized Graphics on May 2, 2014.

monegraph emerged during Rhizome's Seven on Seven conference.

See the monegraph tumblr for the latest news, or contact Kevin for more information.